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Wojciech 'little Wojtek' Narebski

Professor Wojciech Narebski

4. The War Is Over

I left the 22nd Transport Company forever during the battle of Bologna (April 1945) and was sent by my command to the officer's school and afterwards to Polish liceum to do the maturity exams which I accomplished in Cannon Hall Camp near Barnsley (Yorkshire) and after that I returned to Poland. I have to say that I was rather fortunate. Yet in general, the situation in Poland left by our western Allies in the Soviet arms, was rather difficult. Because my father was a well respected dean of a university department and I was studying politically rather neutral subjects – chemistry, I had nearly no problems. Consequently, relatively rapidly i could make a scientific career. Much worse situation was for those, especially older people, who abroad were politically engaged and after return home have studied such humanistic subjects as law or history Some higher officers were even sentenced to death for "espionage". Nevertheless it was for us rather comprehensible that Soviet Russia and its military power was much more dominant in that period than the patriotic but relatively small and rather weak Poland, which had lost 20 % of its population and was completely ruined by war action that had twice passed through our territory. This is my very general comment concerning my return home in 1947.

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