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Wojciech 'little Wojtek' Narebski

Professor Wojciech Narebski

2. The Importance Of Wojtek as Fellow Soldier.

This good atmosphere amongst the Polish Forces in the Middle East was increased by the appearance of our extraordinary nice mascot Wojtek the bear. His presence was particularly important later during our stay (nearly one year) in the very difficult conditions of the desert in Iraq. Overall Wojtek spent two years with us in Middle East. Our other units were also keeping some saved animals, but Wojtek was unquestionably a much more important factor in improving the morale of soldiers in the 22nd Artillery Supply Company. The friendly welcome for the returning often extremely tired soldiers by Wojtek was for us a very important relaxing element. Therefore, we remember this unusual comrade in arms with greatest pleasure. Before going to Italy I was sent with several young colleagues by the commander of our Company (Major Chelkowski) to the gymnasium and therefore I went to Italy one month later. I also traveled on board the M.S. Batory but from Port Said - not from Alexandria. I was sailing together with the staff of one of our hospitals and a New Zealand battalion of infantry. And so I returned to my Company and Wojtek in April 1944 just before the Monte Cassino battle and I participated in bringing munitions to our medium artillery regiments.

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